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Beauty Behind the madness by the weeknd

  • Real Life

  • Losers

  • Tell Your Friends

  • Often

  • The Hills

  • Acquainted

  • Can’t Feel My Face

  • Shameless

  • Earned It (Fifty Shades Of Grey)

  • In The Night

  • As You Are

  • Dark Times

  • Prisoner

  • Angel

One of The Weeknd's most popular albums in his career is Beauty Behind The Madness. The album was released in 2015. Two of the most popular songs in the album are The Hills and Can’t Feel My Face. These two songs really helped lift up The Weeknd's career.

Two of my favorite songs on the album are Real Life and Tell You’re Friends. The two songs were technically released on the same day in August of 2015. They were both played in the same music video in Tell You’re Friends. They both have a great beat and have very good lyrics. The music video follows the Weeknd out in the middle of nowhere burying someone who looks just like him. Once he walks away from the burying site, he shoots a man who is following him. The scene then cuts to him slowly walking to his car, the song Real life plays, and he drives away into the darkness. This has always been one of my favorite Weeknd music videos because of all of the dark elements and the shadowing in the music video.

I Can’t Feel My Face is one of the most popular songs on the whole album. The music video in I Can’t Feel My Face follows The Weeknd singing on a stage to a very quiet crowd until one man comes into the play, lights up a cigarette, and throws a lighter at The Weeknd. Once The Weeknd is set on fire, the crowd starts to become more cheerful and loves every minute of him singing. This song and music video are considered to some to be the very best in the album; some even consider it to be better than the Hills. The song won a Nickelodeon Award for its groovy beat.

The number one song on the album--considered to be the best-- is The Hills. The Hills was released in May of 2015. The music video follows The Weeknd getting up from a car wreck. He walks away from the scene of the accident. When he walks away, the car then gets set on fire and explodes. He then keeps walking and goes into a mansion. He then sees a man sitting down, and it is the same man who set him on fire in I Can’t Feel My Face music video and the same person he shoots in Tell You’re friends music video. This song helped lift up The Weeknd's popular career and is considered to be the best song on the whole album.

One of my favorite music videos from Beauty Behind the Madness is In The Night. The music video follows The Weeknd going into a bar club watching a woman singing on stage. He then notices something isn't right with her. He finds out that she is being controlled by a gang member who forces her to sing every night. He then attempts to save her from the gang member. The music video ends when The Weeknd is held at gun point from the gang member. Then gang member then gets shot in the back of the head. After that, The Weeknd and the girl drive off together on a motorcycle.

Beauty Behind The Madness is, in my opinion, is one of the best albums of his career. This whole album lifted his career in popularity. Critics have called Beauty Behind The Madness "An impressive and revealing new album full of expertly crafted pop songs with clear-cut commercial goals."


I was fifteen years old when Beauty Behind The Madness was released. This album was very influential to me in my teen years. I would listen to it all the time with my friends and sing it with them. When I first got my license, I would cruise around and listen to the beat and the lyrics, and I would immerse myself in it.

Michael Jackson's career was lifted when he released Thriller. In some ways, The Hills and I Can't Feel My Face lifted The Weeknd's career with their distinct lyrics and spooky music videos.

What is your number one Weeknd song? Let me know.