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AJR Releases New Album, OK Orchestra

OK Orchestra © AJR Productions

Popular indie-pop trio AJR has recently released their long-awaited album, OK Orchestra (OKO). OKO is the band's fourth studio album and features popular singles such as "Bang!" and "Way Less Sad". Both songs have already charted on the US Rock chart.

OK Orchestra follows three other studio albums released by the band such as Living Room, The Click, and Neotheater.

OK Orchestra Tracklist

  1. OK Overture

  2. Bummerland

  3. 3 O'Clock Things

  4. My Play

  5. Joe

  6. Adventure is Out There

  7. Bang!

  8. The Trick

  9. Ordinaryish People (feat. Blue Man Group)

  10. Humpty Dumpty

  11. World's Smallest Violin

  12. Way Less Sad

  13. Christmas in June

The band consists of three brothers in New York who have been making music since 2005. They were doing small performances throughout the city until they released two independent albums Born and Bred as well as Venture in 2010.

They also released a self-titled EP (AJR) in 2012. The EP and both independent albums have since been removed from the band.

OK Orchestra Gets OK Reception From Critics

AJR Billboard Interview | Austin Roa

A user on AOTY also said, "This isn't AJR's magnum opus nor their Ok Computer unlike what the title might suggest but what it is, is a huge step in the right direction and shows improvements on quite possibly every front coming off of The Click and Neotheater."

As a fan of AJR, I really loved OK Orchestra. AJR likes to experiment with their sound, and it tends to turn people off some of the time. However, if you are already familiar with the band's work and appreciate the creative liberties they take with their music, you will enjoy OKO.

When asked about what he hoped fans would get from the album, Ryan Met replied:

"I think we’re really careful and considerate with the amount of music that we put out. It’s not a song every week. It’s more, 'OK, we worked really hard on these 13 songs so it lasts you a while.' I hope that fans can listen to the songs over and over again and find solace in them and realize that they are not alone. No matter how trivial and small their struggles may feel, we’re feeling them, too."

If you have listened, what is your favorite song on OK Orchestra? Let us know in the comments below. Also, be sure to follow 89.1 The Bash on social media for news and updates regarding today's hit alternative.


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