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Album Review: Vessel by twenty one pilots

Written by: Lilly Vincent

· Ode to Sleep

· Holding On To You

· Migraine

· House of Gold

· Car Radio

· Semi-Automatic

· Screen

· The Run and Go

· Fake You Out

· Guns For Hands

· Trees

· Truce

Vessel is the third studio album by twenty one pilots. It was released on January 8, 2013, by Fueled by Ramen. “Vessel debuted at number 58 on the Billboard 200 chart, but over a few years reached number 21 in 2016. The songs that reached emerged the most popularity include “Holding On To You”, “House of Gold”, and “Car Radio”.

The tricky thing about reviewing this album for me personally is that I love this whole album. Every song has its own unique style that still somehow reels the listener in. If I had to choose a personal favorite from this album, it would be a tie between “Fake You Out” and “Trees”.

The lyrics are all very catchy, and if singing isn’t your style, you can just tap your foot along. The instrumentals are very easy to dance along to.

If you want to listen to catchy ukulele hooks while also screaming about a car radio, I truly recommend this album.

Music Videos from Vessel

Ode to Sleep:

Holding On To You:

House of Gold:

Car Radio:

Guns For Hands:


In conclusion, Vessel is one of the best albums I’ve ever listened to. The music videos on top of the already amazing songs really seal the deal on how wonderful of an experience it is to listen to Vessel.

The lyrics may engage to those in a younger audience with the catchiness of it, but truly, all audiences can engage with it. Especially those who deal with issues such as depression or anxiety. A lot of twenty one pilot’s songs tackle said issues.

What do you think is the best twenty one pilots album? Is this something you’d enjoy listening to on a regular basis? Did the album fall flat for you?

Let us know in the comments below. Also, be sure to follow 89.1 The Bash on social media for news and updates regarding today’s hit alternative.


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