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Bang Your Head 1.19.23

"The best metal has to offer." Hosted By Dawson Cochran Every Thursday from 5-7 PM.

Dawson's Setlist The Mob Rules - Black Sabbath Stillborn - Black Society

Caught in The undertow - Black Smoke Trigger

Flash of The Blade - Iron Maiden

Dam That River - Alice In Chains

A Good Day To Die - Exodus

Curse of Osiris - Testament

Expandable Youth - Slayer

Looks That Kill - Motley Crue I Can't Hide - Pantera

My Plague - Slipknot Ditch - Lamb OF God

Bored - Death Angel

Got the time - Anthrax

Eat The rich - motorhead Inrihab - Every Time I Die

Milk Lizard - The Dillinger Escape Plan Motorhead - motorhead

Midlife Crisis - faith No more

May Cause Psychotic breaks From reality - 1984x

Unsung - Helmet

B.Y.O.B. - System of A Down Tears Of Brunswick - 1984x Home Is Where You Make IT - 1984x

Revolve - melvins

Pet Sematary - The Ramones

Do you listen to any of these bands?

Which Type Of Metal reigns


Let us Know Below!

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