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Bang Your Head 1.12.23

"The best metal has to offer."

Hosted By Dawson Cochran

Every Thursday from 5-7 PM.

Dawson's Setlist

independent - Sacred Reich

The Metal - Tenacious D

Power Trip - Chimaira

Souls of black - Testament

Resurrection - Halford

46 and 2 - TOOL

Five Minutes Alone - Pantera

Now I Lay Thee Down - Machine Head

I will Be Heard - Hatebreed

Hello from tHe gutter - Overkill

Ace of Spades - Motorhead

Arise - Sepultura

Within Me - Lacuna Coil

Institutionalized - Suicidal tendencies

Suicide Machine - Death

Sentenced To Burn - Cannibal Corpse

1000 Year Internal War - Crowbar

Hail The Leaf - Down

Child Of Night - The Black Dahlia Murder

This IS Absolution - Killswitch engage

Dancing on your Grave - Motorhead

Hole In The Sky - Pantera (Cover)

Spoils of the Sycophant - Skinless

Driving Down The Darkness - Devil driver

Tears Of Brunswick - 1984x

God Of The Forsaken - Morbid Angel

In Broken Trust - The Halo Effect

Do you listen to any of these bands?

Which Type Of Metal reigns supreme?

Let us Know Below!

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