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Collaborate And Listen

These artists should consider an invention (or maybe just a collaboration to start.)

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The music industry has seen several artists come together to create both bizarre and incredible collaborations over the years.

Elton John and Eminem

Eminem and Elton John came together at the 2001 Grammy Awards in a surprise performance that left the audience star struck.

Although the performance itself was considered lackluster by many, it was the collaboration that left audience members most confused. A performance between Elton John who is openly gay and Eminem who had repeatedly used homophobic slurs in his music at that point in time was far from expected. However, Elton John was and continues to be one of Eminem's biggest supporters today.

Mick Jagger and David Bowie

On the opposing end, Mick Jagger and David Bowie worked together on a version of Martha and The Vandellas " Dancing In The Street" and despite its success on the charts, has been mocked in its twilight years and listed on multiple "Worst Collaborations" across the web.

Artists risk their reputation when collaborating with fellow singer-song writers, but the result can often be rewarding and leave a lasting impact on their legacy.

These artists should consider taking that risk.

Olivia Rodrigo/Avril Lavigne

Credit: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for Variety

Olivia Rodrigo has quickly become one of the most popular artists and has received multiple award nominations for hit songs such as "brutal" and "good 4 u." Rodrigo has been hailed by Avril Lavigne for bringing the Punk Rock sound back to relevance.

“This year we were introduced to a new artist whose debut album marked a major return for rock ‘n’ roll in the charts" said Lavigne at Variety's Hitmakers event in December of 2021. "From ‘Driver’s License’ to ‘Good 4 You’ to ‘Deja Vu,’ Olivia’s singles from her album Sour are part of the collective psyche of 2021, and she wrote every single one of them.”

Credit: Pinkvilla

Praise from an established artist of the early 2000s who achieved the classic Rebel Rock style of music is no small feat.

Both artists have clearly made a name for themselves, but pairing Lavigne and Rodrigo would make for an unforgettable and likely punk-rock influenced production, one I certainly hope to see in the near future.

Declan mcKenna/Sam fender

Credit: TV Radio Pop

Declan McKenna is largely influenced by social issues such as poverty, gender inequality, and wealth inequities. He has shown time and time again he is capable of creating his unique sound while facing important issues head-on through lyricism in his music.

Credit: Wikiodin

Sam Fender broke onto the scene in March of 2017 with the release of his single "Play God." The track was featured in Fifa 19, and Fender has since continued to release incredible music.

The two artists performed together at the Leeds Festival in late August of 2021.

When asked about the potential for collaborations while working with producer Jay Joyce in Nashville, TN, here's what McKenna had to say:

“Not quite…” he responds with a twinkle in his eye. “But I have been talking to Sam Fender for ages about doing something together… Sam has managed to plug himself into owning some crazy studio in Newcastle, and I’d like to go there – I’ll make it my next trek.” said McKenna in an interview with NME .

Credit: Twitter

This bodes well for those who wish to see these two artists work on something together, myself included. Both McKenna and Fender write their music with a purpose, which is not only to entertain, but to inspire change, and deliver a message about the world around them.

A project between the two would likely achieve that purpose. The full interview from McKenna is linked in the quote above.

Update: Declan McKenna is now confirmed as a support artist for Sam Fender's upcoming performance in Finsbury Park! Alongside McKenna is Fontaines D.C., Beabadoobee, and Goat Girl.

the Wrecks/Joe p

Credit: Warm Audio

The Wrecks broke onto the scene in April of 2016 with their self-release of the EP We Are The Wrecks and have not looked back since. Lead singer Nick Anderson and his crew have toured or headlined with huge titles such as All Time Low, The Struts, Nothing But Thieves, New Politics, Paramore, Dreamers, and The Unlikely Candidates. The four-man band has certainly made a name for itself, also touring with lesser-known band Deal Casino, of which Joe P was a former member.

Credit: Soundcloud

Joe Parella, former member of Deal Casino is based out of New Jersey and has been releasing music independently since 2018 on Soundcloud and Spotify as well as Band Camp. The singer-songwriter has released one album on Spotify, Emily Can't Sing, but has released multiple singles that were then later featured on the album.

The artist is heavily invested in TikTok. I was given the chance to ask Joe a question regarding his thoughts on The Wrecks or The Killers during one of his account's livestreams on the platform.

"I actually toured with them (The Wrecks) in 2018, so yeah I would probably say I'd go with The Wrecks on that one, but I love both of those bands, that's a tough one."
Credit: New Jersey Stage

A collaboration opportunity seems unlikely, as Joe P has worked with one other artist in his career, McKenzie Ellis known professionally as Mothica, on his song "Baby Teeth." One can dream, however, and I hope to see two of my favorite artists create something in the future.

Credit: Dreamstime

Collaborations not only have the opportunity to create a new sound for fans and artists alike to appreciate, but they also open up discussion about each respective artist. Collaborations also create a bond between fan bases and breed creativity into the music industry as a whole. There is an endless possibility of music to be made and countless combinations of artists to work together. The entire buildup and anticipation for a collaboration to be released makes it all worth it in the end.

Which of my collaborations do you see panning out?

What artists would you like to see work together?


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