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Cyberpunk 2077: the Bugs Have Been Exterminated.

Cyberpunk 2077 |

Cyberpunk 2077 was a highly anticipated game leading up to its extremely lackluster release on December 10th, 2020. CD Project Red had already pushed back from the release date for almost an entire year to perfect their game. Still, Cyberpunk released with too many bugs and problems, far from what CD Project Red promised. The bugs and glitches that filled Cyberpunk brought criticism from their fans. CD Project Red was disappointed in themselves, giving refunds to any player who asked and promised to fix and improve their game.

Bugs and Glitches

The video done by Prestige Clips shows a small number of the thousands of bugs and glitches filling Cyberpunk after release. Many more videos can be found on YouTube showing thousands of other problems with Cyberpunk following its launch.

Hot Fixes

CD Project Red released immediate hotfixes in late 2020. These hotfixes aided to make the game playable on PC and console following many players' problems. Players all over the world struggled to play or could not play Cyberpunk on its launch and weeks that followed. The number of bugs, glitches, crashes, and other problems ruined the game making it unplayable for some players. Their immediate hotfixes improved a small number of problems only to make the game playable for Cyberpunk players.

Cyberpunk Glitches | ScreenRant

Patch 1.1

Cyberpunk's first patch fix released on January 22nd, 2021. Developers at CD Project Red stated on their first patch notes, "In this update we focused on various stability improvements." CD Project Red fixed 26 different areas in Cyberpunk mainly focused on memory usage improvements and removing crashing problems. Cyberpunk received minor changes in every other area. The update barely touched the problems inside but helped players play without the game crashing following what CD Project Red missed in their hotfixes.

Following their first patch, CD Project Red posted hotfixes 1.11 and 1.12 on January 26th and February 5th. The hotfixes fixed problems Patch 1.1 caused. The complete patch notes for Patch 1.1, hotfix 1.11, and hotfix 1.12 are found on Steam and CD Project's Red Website.

Cyberpunk Bug | CCM

Patch 1.2 Part 1

Patch 1.2 released on March 29th. The patch contained so much the update was forced into 2 parts. Part 1 focused on Gameplay, Quests, and Open World. The first half alone contained about 300 changes. Patch 1.2 Part 1 can be found on Steam.

  • Gameplay helped improve gunplay, hacking, movement, action, cars, bikes, and others. The gameplay update helped players use items in the game smoothly but also helped remove a mass majority of the bugs caused by problems with the items.

  • Quests focused on storyline problems and side quests. Many quests broke while playing Cyberpunk forcing players to skip it or try and fix the problem. Players sometimes had to fully restart their game to fix a quest. The update adjusted and fixed roughly 50 problems through quests.

  • Open World fixed problems in Cyberpunk's massive open world. CD Project Red adjusted NPCs, cars, and other objects ruining the immersion. They fixed the common glitch of having NPC's talk over each other on the phone which almost every player had to deal with.

Dream City | Ratea Xdark Steam

Patch 1.2 Part 2

Patch 1.2 Part 1 focused on fixing the game so everything runs perfectly. Part 2 focuses on making the game look absolutely beautiful and play seamlessly through Cinematic Design, Environment and Levels, Graphics, Audio, Animation, UI, Stability, Performance, and other Miscellaneous changes. The patch notes for Part 2 can be found on Steam.

  • Cinematic Design fixed almost 100 different cutscene problems. Focusing on every cutscene in the game they fixed any problems including player distortion, dialogue cuts, background, NPCs holding objects wrong, lights staying on after being turned off and several more.

  • Environment and levels fixed roughly 25 problems. A majority of the 25 fixes broke up into several other fixes for each segment of the 25. CD Project Red's main objective was to remove NPC errors and location errors which caused items and characters to appear in wrong places.

  • Graphics, Audio, and Animation focuses a majority of glitches where characters animations would stop and resort in a character becoming deformed or moving through itself or other items and people.

  • UI fixed almost every bug in the game for map, menu, inventory, scanner, journal, panels, and any other UI aspect. With about 50 different changes, it removed a majority of the frustration of using the inventory and hacking in the game. The update adjusted text and visuals in UI areas to make it easier to read and watch.

  • Stability, Performance, and Miscellaneous cover all the areas where the other categories could not. The update adds to settings and makes the game easier to run for the computer on lower settings. Performance and stability give better options for players with older PCs or consoles who struggled to run the game. It rounds out optimization between the visual settings to help different options run together.

Roadmap | Cyberpunk 2077

Now what?

CD Project Red plans to give out free content to anyone who owns the game. They plan on improving the game more and more with each update and set up bugs that arise. There will probably never be a patch as big as Patch 1.2. With Patch 1.2 the game has finally been completed. CD Project Red does not plan on stopping here or anytime soon, and they plan on perfecting their game. I am extremely excited to play Cyberpunk again. After Cyberpunk's launch, I lost interest because of the poorly optimized game, but I am now excited for their DLC.

What Cyberpunk Bug was the peskiest for you?

Be sure to let us know in the comments below. Also, be sure to follow 89.1 The Bash on social media for news and updates regarding today's hit alternative.


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