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Fallout 76: Too Hyped To Handle

Fallout 76 | IGN

Before Release

The hype began on June 2018 when Bethesda released their first trailer for their brand new game. Todd Howard, the face of Bethesda, was featured for their press conference to hype the game. Howard promised 16 times the detail, 4 times the map size, better rendering, lighting and landscape technology, and it was their biggest game yet.


November 14th, 2018, the game released to Xbox, PC, and PlayStation for $60. Bethesda didn't fix the bugs. In every way the game was bugged. Joseph Anderson made a video covering all the bugs he encountered while playing for a short time.

This video is three hours long and covers 1001 different glitches throughout his playthrough. PlayStations had a larger error named CE-34878-0. This error crashed the PlayStation forcing people to wipe their memory. People on PC were being logged into or logging into other people's accounts. Bethesda claimed they could not do anything about it. Many players lost their saves because other people were saving over the save.

Fallout 76 | FORFUN


Fans were not happy with how terrible the game was and went to the reviews about their problems, but Bethesda started to delete comments. Fans and owners realized Bethesda was deleting negative comments and went to other sites to give their reviews. The fans and owners lowered every rating on steam for Bethesda's other games while also overwhelming the Reddit mods with negative reviews.

The poor reviews did not stop with the fans. The professional reviewers were usually a saving grace for large budget games doing poorly. Although, the reviewers dug an even greater hole along with the YouTube reviewers. Almost everyone reviewing the game hated it or found to many problems with the games. One of the most common complaints was how boring the game was. The game only made a sixth of the revenue of Fallout 4 following the games launch with only making $2.46 million.

No Refund | ReviewTechUSA


Once the game released people who purchased Fallout 76 immediately tried to refund the game. Usually if someone only played an hour or two of a game he or she would receive a refund, but players who played over 24 hours were granted refunds. People posted about their refund causing more and more people to ask for refunds. Consequently, Bethesda fully closed off all refunds for anyone and everyone. Due to their inconsistent refund policy, people started pressing lawsuits.

Atomic Shop | Eurogamer

After Release

December 2018, Bethesda released their new patches. Fans both loved and hated these patches.

The Fixes

  • Many bugs were removed making the game hard to play.

  • Push to Talk was added which many fans believed should have been available from the start.

  • Field of View slides were added, which again many fans believed should have been available from the start .

  • Plenty of other adjustments were made to help players have more fun and less annoyance throughout the game like carrying amount.

The Item Shop

  • Nerfs to stealth were unknowingly added.

  • Decreased ammo production was added making player run out of ammo faster.

  • Decreased how long fusion cores could last made fusion cores cost more and become harder to find.

  • Legendary enemies spawned less causing more boredom for players.

Why would Bethesda make their game even worse? Bethesda's plan was to encourage people to purchase from their item shop. Everything in the shop was insanely overpriced. Bethesda wanted people to spend money to make the game easier for the players; however, Bethesda was making the game harder to force people to pay even more.

The Fate of The Release

Bethesda lied throughout the entire release to their fans and consumers and tried to manipulate them and use them. When people tried to call Bethesda out, Bethesda quickly silenced them when they could. Fallout 76 does not deserve a redemption and deserves to be forgotten. What fate do you think Fallout 76 and Bethesda deserve? Let me know in the comments; I would love to hear your thoughts.

This post was highly encouraged and used information from Internet Historian on YouTube and his video The Fall of 76


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