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Great Memories and Great Friends

Credit: Eli Grimes| Left to Right: Micah Henson, Rebecca Barker (Me), Maggee Bleyer, and Dawson Cochran

Although I will not be graduating in May with my fellow sophomores, I am just one short semester away from ending my time here at Wabash Valley College (WVC). While here I have made great friends and have had some amazing teachers. With them, I have made some great memories.

From late-night studio hangouts, and last-minute "Hey, do you want to go do something?" to study sessions, broadcasting games, and taking videos and pictures with and of each other, I can say my time here in the WVC Radio/TV program has been anything but boring.

Best Memories

There are many memories I could share about my time here at WVC, but, if I were to tell them all, we would be here all day. So, I am going to tell you a few that have happened this semester.

1. The Dinos and Sea Creatures

The sweet note Kyle left after the 12th day.

My friend Maggee and I were walking through Walmart together one night and had this idea to have some fun with our teacher Kyle Peach and Broadcast Services Specialist Eli Grimes. We bought mini dinosaurs and sea creatures that would soon find their way into Kyle and Eli's offices.

Maggee and I would write a little poem each day and hide the little creatures throughout their offices. We did this for twelve days. On our last day, we left them a hint of who was behind the creatures' invasion. While Eli didn't say much, Kyle had no idea it was us, but he had a little surprise for us.

2. Posters and Dew

The poster we hung up in Kyle's office.

The sophomores and I wanted to make sure that we were remembered. So, we came up with the idea to sneak into their offices once again. There are only four sophomores (counting me), so we got a picture of the four of us and had it printed as a poster and a 5x7. While Kyle was out of his office, we ran, and I mean ran, into his Cardinals-filled office to hang up the poster, placed the 5x7 on his shelf, and hid 12 cans of Diet Mt. Dew throughout his office. We also did the same thing to Eli minus the Mt. Dew.

3. Teacher Appreciation Week

Kyle's mini fridge in his office.

Teacher Appreciation Week is something I have always considered a "holiday" week. Teachers are some of the most important people on the planet and are taken for granted more times than not. My family likes to say I have a weird relationship with my teachers, but I don't see it as weird. I have just always respected them and realized that they are people, too. This year for teacher appreciation week I got both Kyle and Ms. Winter, my only two teachers this semester, a pack of Diet Mt. Dew because they both live off it and can't go without it. Both were very appreciative, and I even got a hug from Ms. Winter. You will hear more about Kyle and Ms. Winter in my next segment.

Best Instructors

Kyle Peach and Jill Winter have been the best college instructors while here at WVC. Although I still have one semester left, I will be sad to say goodbye to two people who have been an inspiration to me and have helped in more ways than one.

Kyle Peach

I remember meeting Kyle the semester before I started the Radio/TV program. It was a few weeks before classes let out for Christmas break and he was in his office. I remember being very intimidated at first, but now I know there was no reason to be.

The fall semester of 2022 classes had just started. We were a week or two in when I got the news my mom had passed away. Soon after I got the news, I messaged Kyle to tell him that I would not be coming to class for the next couple of weeks. Kyle told me "Do not worry about anything, and we will take care of everything when you get back." Even while I was out, he took it upon himself to message me and ask how I was doing. Thanks to him I was able to be with my family and not worry about finishing homework or getting projects in on time.

Even after I came back to classes he did not push me too hard, and he let me take my time to get back to the flow of things. He was one of the biggest reasons I was able to make it through the next few months. Kyle goes above and beyond to help his students. The Radio/TV program runs because of him, and he is the biggest reason we have won Best Community College TV Station for 3 years running.

Jill Winter

Before I even had Ms. Winter as a teacher, I would see her walking around the studio or in the halls, and she would always smile when she walked by. On my first day back after my mom passed I went into the classes where she had just finished her class before mine. She saw me and said, "It's nice to see you" with a simple smile. That moment I will always remember. From the simple interactions in the hall and my first day back, I was excited to have her as my teacher.

Although I've only had one class with Ms. Winter so far, I will be the first to say any class with her will be a great one. I have never been the best writer, but, in just one class with her, I find myself catching many errors, changing words around, and writing better overall.

Her sweet, kind, caring, and welcoming personality made me excited to come to class every week. Even though she will mark up my paper with what she calls "chicken scratches," I never felt overwhelmed or like I failed an assignment when I received my work back. She always gave me a chance to correct, change, and edit before the final grade. With many trips to her office or staying after class we made sure my writing assignments were to both mine and her liking.

During those times we would start talking about random topics, share a few laughs, or try to figure out how to make something work on my computer. Then we would go our separate ways until either I had to track her down to ask a question or the next class. I am taking her Interpersonal Communication next semester because I want to have her again just one more time before my time comes to an end here at WVC.

Luke 6:40 "'The student is not above the teacher, but everyone who is fully trained will be like their teacher." ~ The Bible

Best Friends

Credit: Eli Grimes

Picture 1: A picture that represents us when we are all together!

Picture 2: A picture that represents Maggee and me.

Although we will all soon be saying goodbye and going our separate ways, I know the friendship that was built between the four of us will never break. Maggee, Micah, and Dawson have been the best, best friends I could have ever asked for when starting at WVC. From Maggee's caring, loving, goofy personality, to Micah's quick comebacks, witty, and goofy personality, and Dawson's fun commentary, creative voices, and goofy personality, we all get along super well. All of us goofballs have found our people.


Thank you for always making me and everyone else laugh with your "What did he just say?" off-the-wall comments and sarcastic comebacks. You are always down for a good time. I know you will do great things in the radio world. You are an amazing friend to not only me but to everyone around you. I may not like your choice of music, but you are one heck of a DJ.


Because of you, I came into the Radio/TV program less anxious than I would have been if I hadn't gotten to know you fall semester of 2021. You welcomed me and introduced me not only to our fellow classmates, but Kyle, too. You have also been one of my best friends while at WVC. Western Kentucky is lucky to get someone passionate about what they do. I know I will see you on my TV one day in the future telling me what the weather will be like that week.


Girl, you are my bestie! I could not have asked for a better best friend when starting here in the Radio/TV program a year and a half ago. I feel like I've known you for a lifetime. You were always a phone call or text away when I needed you. I love you so much, and I will truly miss having my college bestie at WVC with me next semester. However, I can't wait to see what amazing things you accomplish. You will become the best news anchor ever!

Between the four of us, there were many late nights in the studio working on homework together or just hanging out, having lunch and ice cream runs, and taking walks around campus. Just saying I will miss them next year is an understatement. The many, many, MANY laughs we shared will always be great memories that I will cherish forever.

Proverbs 27:9 "Sweet friendships refresh the soul and awaken our hearts with joy, for good friends are like the anointing oil that yields the fragrant incense of God’s presence." ~ The Bible

People will come and go, but family lasts a lifetime. That is what we are here at News Channel 15 and 89.1 The Bash, a family. We spend countless hours together in classes and choose to spend more time together outside of them, too. Showing up to the studio just to hang out even when we don't have class should say quite a bit by itself. With family, it is never the end, never and true goodbye, but until we meet again.

What Instructors Did You Most Enjoy?

Did You Create Friendships That Were Hard To Say Goodbye To?


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