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Guess Who Has Their Very Own Funko Pop! Figure?

By Gavin Mason

Machine Gun Kelly now has his very own Funko POP! Vinyl figure. The musician is now among the many rock stars who have their own Funko POP! figures. Johanthan Davis from Korn, Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne and Green Day are just a few musicians who have recently had their own Funko POP! figures created.

MGK’s Funko POP! figure stands at 5.15 inches tall, wearing an all-pink outfit, and even has a nose ring. The new Funko POP! figure also has two pink bracelets, white boots with black laces and soles, and the figure has Machine Gun Kelly’s signature bubblegum pink guitar. Funko also decided to create the figure in his ‘rocker pose’- jumping up in the air with his legs kicking out in both directions, which is something you can spot MGK doing while playing live in concert. You can pre-order the new Machine Gun Kelly figure as of today (Nov 3) and will become available in January of 2022.

Here’s a look at the new Machine Gun Kelly Funko POP! Which is available (pre-order only) for $11


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