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Hamsters: Cryptocurrency Geniuses?

By Micah Henson

Hamsters. They’re fluffy, cute, and little small creatures of joy. However, for one hamster from Germany, Mr. Goxx, just being in a simple creature isn’t enough for him. Mr. Goxx is attributed to be CEO & Founder of Goxx Capital, a livestreamed cryptocurrency trading venture. A Hamster; The first cryptocurrency trading hamster.

So, where did this idea come from? Most sources say this is another attempt at a hypothesis made by Burton Malkiel, the author of “A Random Walk Down Wall Street”. In his book, Malkiel believes that a blindfolded monkey throwing darts at a list of ticker symbols could do just as good as a human professional investor. Mr. Goxx’s project is a little bit different, with a wooden cage rigged with several systems.

What do all these systems do? Well, Let’s break it down with a figure of the inside of his “Goxx Box”.

First off with the simple concepts. Two cameras are in the corners to get the most for the live-stream, one to capture the wheel, one to capture the office. Then there is extra things like stairs, a desk and a way for him to get out when he wants. Then we have the most important workings of the “office”. The intention wheel picks the ticker symbol/ crypto he intends on buying or selling. Finally, we have the buy and sell tunnels. When he goes through these tunnels, whatever the wheel is on will be bought or sold.

The venture started on June 12th for about 3 viewers on twitch. Mr. Goxx started with the euro equivalent of about $390. His first month was a struggle. Mr.Goxx found himself down 7.3% after 95 orders, including his first order of XLM (Stellar).

However, as of September 27th, Mr. Goxx has absolutely changed directions. Since starting, his performance is now up 19.41%, a margin that beats the S&P 500 and Warren Buffett and outpaced Bitcoin and Dogecoin.

There is expected to be another livestream in the coming days, so I know what I will be doing when that time comes around. It seems to very exciting for some, but boring for others. For me, it seems exhilarating, as Mr.Goxx has announced his plans to expand to stocks and other markets.

So, is it just a coincidence that he is outperforming big names? Or did Malkiel have a point? I guess that comes down to perspective, but in the meantime, this is nothing short of a wild concept and story.


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