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It's not goodbye, it's see ya later...

A reflection of my time at Wabash Valley College and what made it so special.
Graduating Radio/TV Class of 2024: Blake Piercefield, Zane Spivey, Griffen Hinkle, Austin Harrelson, Zach Reynolds, Rylan Robb (me), and Rebecca Barker.

Credit: Eli Grimes

My time at Wabash Valley College in the Radio/TV program is almost over. It's hard to believe to be honest. Everything that has happened here has been nothing short of life changing. The experiences, the memories, and, most importantly, the people have all helped me to become a better version of myself. Before I become too emotional, I want to reflect on the last two years of my life at WVC and what has made it so special for me.

The Experiences

#1 Internship

Todd Mosby, Madison Toopes, Me, and James Wilder on the last day of my internship.

Credit: Cathy Robb

In the Radio/TV program, we are required to have an internship. Some people may find this tedious, but I did not. I wanted to find a place where I would truly enjoy my time, and I think this phrase would be an understatement for where I ended up. I interned with Oakland City University's Marketing Department. I remember when I met with them the first time. I was talking about my goals and what I hoped to achieve, and Todd asked me, "When can you start?" I started the same week I met them all. My first day was to help set up for the first ever OCU football game. As I'm sure James would tell you, we set up lots of tables. From all the laughs to learning experiences, I consider myself lucky to have had an opportunity to learn from people as great as these.

#2 The Not so late show

Micah and Myself recording our 1st NSLS Episode.

Credit: Eli Grimes

Few people can say they created their own television show. I was fortunate enough to be able to produce The Not So Late Show with one of my best friends, Micah Henson. It was a late night television show, like Jimmy Kimmel, but I think Micah and I did it better. Every week, we would bring on a new guest and interview them. After, we would do some sort of wacky activity with them. I absolutely love this show. I feel it represents my personality, and, if nothing else, Micah and I's friendship. We've been friends since before we joined forces in the program, and we'll be friends long after we have both left. This was one of the highlights of my time within the program, and I wouldn't have asked for any other co-host.

#3 The road home show

Rebecca and Myself (and Eli in the reflection) with our RHS Poster.

Credit: Eli Grimes

Speaking of co-hosts, another phenomenal one was Rebecca Barker. Our radio show, The Road Home Show, was such a blast. I never thought I could connect with radio like I have with this show, but now I have a new found respect and passion for it. Rebecca also helped to elevate the show, making it more engaging not only with the audience but with me. From all of our highly planned and strategized themed shows to all the frazzled last minute music scrambles, this show means more to me than what appears on the surface. Well, I did call dibs on our poster, so maybe it does show.

The Memories

#1 Football

Myself, Kyle's nephew Wyatt, Kyle, and Scott at Illinois State Univeristy for the Golden Aces Football Championship Game.

Credit: Jill Winter

Who knew Golden Aces Football would have such a positive impact on me? I'm not from Mt. Carmel, and I didn't really like or enjoy football before this year. Yes, shocking I know. However, there was something special about the Golden Aces this year. Each game, the Aces would defy the odds and keep advancing in the playoffs all the way to the championship game. It was exciting to watch the plays while broadcasting them. What I will remember most about these games, though, was Kyle Peach and Scott Allen telling the most belly-laugh inducing stories imaginable on the car rides to the games. I remember during one game, I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe and was practically crying.

#2 Taco tierra trips

Eli, Colton, Riley, Rebecca, and Myself at Taco Tierra.

"Hey guys, wanna go to Taco?" is a common phrase around the studio. So much so, we don't need to say it, we can just look at each other and know. The amount of times we ate lunch at Taco Tierra is probably more than what I can count on both of my hands. These trips were always fun though. Bonding over nachos and quesadillas, Taco Tierra was a place for all of us to hang out and grab a bite. I know it may not seem like much to just have some friends at a fast service restaurant, but sometimes the simple times are the nicest. I was just happy to be in the moment with some of my closest friends while chowing down on a Sancho. And we all had to grab our daily fix of Diet Mtn. Dew, too!

#3 Studio Shenanigans

In the studio, we all joke around and do some pretty silly shenanigans, or a prank you could say. I'm starting to lose count with how much we've pranked Kyle. But, it's not so simple as hiding his car keys. No, no, no. One of my favorite pranks was when Rebecca and I decided to put sticky notes all over Kyle's office. The only problem was the sticky notes, didn't stick. The sticky notes were such poor quality, they refused to stay on the wall. So, what do we do? We taped each individual sticky note to his wall. It was pretty funny when the next day it ended up on his Facebook page for everyone to see. I'm pretty proud of the sticky note prank. These silly little moments were so hilarious to me. Just being able to have fun with our instructor in this way is something I won't soon forget.

The People


Austin is one of the people who looks cool and when you get to know him, is even cooler than what you first thought. I'm glad I got to know him better during our second year at WVC. If there's anything I've learned about Austin, it's that he is passionate about what he enjoys. Seeing the effort he put into our Carbondale broadcast was something truly special. Austin has a bright future as a sports broadcaster, and I'm glad to have been a small part of his journey.


Blake is somebody who can make an entire room laugh with just one sentence. He is definitely a funny guy and a great guy to be around. I remember our class would go out to lunch during our freshman year quite a bit. We would all pile into one car, and I remember once, Blake started rapping. Everyone laughed and hyped him up. I have no idea what Blake will do in the future, but with his personality, the sky is the limit.

Credit: Rebecca Barker


Colton has been an awesome friend during my two years at WVC. When I'm not making him laugh and messing up his weather segments on News Channel 15, we would talk and laugh about anything and everything (weather included). He helped me out with projects and was always thinking of new ideas to implement. And, of course, we would go to Taco Tierra for lunch throughout the week. Whatever future plans he has, I have no doubt he will be successful.


Believe it or not, I knew Eli before this program. We went to high school together, but I didn't know him well at the time. But, I am so glad I do now. Even though he isn't a classmate, but a college employee, I still find his presence in the program a welcome one. Eli is one of the kindest and most hard-working people I have met. We were always making jokes with each other, especially on road trips and just goofing around the studio. He was always patient with me (I don't know how), no matter if it was helping me with projects or when technology would fail. It's clear Eli has a passion and excitement about what he does. I'm sad Eli and I have to go our separate ways again, but this time I'm happy I was friends with such a great person.


Maggee and I didn't spend tons of time together in the program, but she has helped shaped my experience here all the same. I saw Maggee anchor the news one day, and I thought how cool it was. I wanted to try it. So, I did anchor the news, and now I have done too many newscasts to count! She also showed me how to go out and do in-the-field reporting. We even did a news story together! Maggee introduced me into the world of news, which I enjoyed even more than what I thought I could.

Credit: Rebecca Barker


Micah, again someone I went to high school with, was and still remains as one of my best friends. During our one year together at WVC, Micah and I did tons with each other. Broadcasting sports games, producing our talk show, and recording news together were just a few of the activities we did. He made me feel welcomed into the program and was truly a fantastic friend to have. He is one of the hardest workers in the room, but he's not afraid to have fun either. There are just not enough words to say about how great Micah is and what our friendship has meant to me.


Another hard worker, another great friend. What can I say about Rebecca? Other than she is now one of my closest friends, she is also one of the nicest people I've met. She cares about the people around her wholeheartedly. Rebecca has been through a good bit during the short time I've known her, but she pushes on with a smile on her face. I'm truly glad I became such wonderful friends with her and was able to be her co-host on our radio show.


The people in this program are extremely talented. There is no better example of this than Riley. I had the pleasure of being able to call countless basketball games with this guy, and through announcing games we became friends. We both had fun being able to call Mt. Carmel basketball! He is exceptional on the headset and bringing the action of sports to the audience. From all of our trips to away games to prepping for those games the night before, I will miss calling games with Riley. He has truly made my time at WVC a better one. I wish all the best for Riley and his goals in the future.


Speaking of talent, Zach is also an extremely talented sports broadcaster as well. He has found his way during our time together in the program, and to see the amount of progress he's made is truly astonishing. Hearing about his experiences and his aspirations was really cool. Going on trips together to different sporting events was always a blast, and I'll, of course, miss his expert knowledge calling WVC games. Sports broadcasting is what he wants to do as a career, and knowing Zach and his love for what he does, I'm sure he'll be successful.


Zane is super easy going and super easy to talk to. He's always willing to help out or just grab a bite to eat. From day one in the program, Zane has been a friend to me and everyone else. I remember meeting him by chance at freshman orientation. I had on an 89.1 t-shirt, and he asked me if I was in the program, and I found out he was too. Ever since then, I knew Zane was someone you would want to have around. He is smart and a critical thinker, and I have faith in him that he will be a great addition to any team.

I could keep rambling on and on and on and on.. and okay you get the point. This program and these people have meant so much to me over the last two years, more than simple words can describe.

But, life goes on. We can't stay still, we have to keep moving forward. So, I'll say what Kyle Peach says in the Radio/TV program: It's not a goodbye, it's a see ya later.


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