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Let's Kick it: Adidas box shoes

Are you tired of the same old shoe designs? Do you crave something fresh, funky, and fabulously unique?

 Credit for photo: https://www.complex.

Well, step right up because Adidas has something special in store for you quite literally! Enter the wacky world of Adidas Box Shoes, where footwear meets fun in the most unexpected way. these kicks defy all shoe logic-a shoebox with laces! Yes, you read that right. Adidas Box Shoes are not just shoes, they're shoeboxes with a twist!
Now, you might be thinking, But why would anyone want to wear a shoebox?

Well, let me enlighten you. Adidas Box Shoes are not your ordinary cardboard containers for your precious feet. Oh no, they're a fashion statement! Think outside the shoebox, if you will.


let's talk about comfort. You might assume that wearing a shoebox on your feet would be akin to walking on stilts made of cardboard. But fear not! Adidas has ingeniously crafted these boxy wonders with thin plush padding and ergonomic support. It's like walking on clouds, except these clouds happen to have the iconic three stripes.

"This shoe is said to be composed of boxy fit, chunky lace fit, natural fiber upper, natural fiber lining, and natural fiber outsole."


These shoes were released during the first week of April as an April Fool's Day joke, but Adidas actually released them to the public but very few are actually out there. the price is a mystery. the app/website asked people to guess the price. where to find: unfortunately you can't get these at your local shoe shop. these kicks were only sold online on the Adidas website/app.

some say that the shoes are just a joke and do not exist. this is not true they were but very few were made. making them feel like they did not exist. the reason for such a small amount where made was cause this was an April Fools' Day joke.


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