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Mastering The Art Of Self-appreciation

How I Learned To Appreciate who I am.

In the time I have spent at Wabash Valley College, I have learned more than I could imagine. I spent hours upon hours unraveling cords, testing microphones (and inadvertently leaving them on during commercials), and connecting to multiple different internet sources. While the classes I enrolled in and the games I broadcasted may have been the physical tools used for my education, it was really the emotions associated with those experiences from which I learned the most.

Thanks, but no thanks
Credit: WVC Facebook Page

As a member of the Radio/TV program at WVC, I quickly learned of the massive volume of sports broadcasting myself and my fellow classmates would undertake throughout the semester. As in any industry, problems arise and problems are solved.

Despite the ultimate success of a broadcast for a specific team, appreciation from said team was scarce. Hours of work to produce livestreams, provide updates on scoring, and play-by-play commentary from all of us in the program would be met with randomized schedule changes (some of which would result in a lot of wasted gas money). In any given industry, as I mentioned, problems arise. This just seems to be one of those issues that could easily be resolved. Nonetheless, it provided me with a new perspective: be your own appreciation when no one else will.

The grass is always greener

Credit: Cole Carter

Outside of the games we were required to broadcast, I had the pleasure of creating friendships with some of the most unique personalities I have ever met. Each of these individuals connected with me in their own way over the past two years (which is impressive considering how much of an introvert I am). They helped me discover that being yourself in unknown circumstances helps you meet the most genuine people.

Whether it be Sonic runs, trips to Evansville, buying the newest additions to the radio studio, or late night car rides blaring the greatest music we could find on The Bash, everyone in this program brought out the absolute best in me. We worked together on almost everything and our creative minds culminated into one big melting pot of ideas. Encouragement and constructive criticism across the board made us into the best possible versions of who we could be. I will forever be thankful for all that they have provided me.

Defining a career path
Credit: @891TheBash Twitter

Going into my freshman year, I had little to no idea of what to expect from my future career plans. I knew that I enjoyed working creatively, so a radio station was a match made in heaven. The freedom to work in a space where I could use every ounce of my creativity to strengthen a brand's presence in social media didn't feel like a job at all, but something I could wake up and enjoy doing for the rest of my life. I fell in love with radio. The music blaring, the personality you create, the people you meet, the meshing of ideas, and how the workspace is what you make it to be. Every aspect of what I have experienced has only fueled my passion for this industry.

I went from a high school graduate with no indication of what I wanted to be, to a college graduate with a complete plan in mind of what I want for my future. Everything I have accomplished in the last four semesters has led me to this moment. Wabash Valley College showed me the not-so-great (as does pretty much anything) ,but it also showed me the unforgettable:

ANd I will never forget everything it gave me.


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