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Micah Ranks: Top 10 Sitcoms

By Micah Henson

Note: I am a 19 year old, therefore, my ideas of the best sitcoms will definitely differ from others. This list will be more present day leaning. Anyways, these are my top 10 sitcoms, including the explanation why.

HM: SpongeBob SquarePants

It does not make the top 10, but it was a close second. It has taken its toll on the world, but it starting to grow old in my opinion.

#10. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

This is my personal favorite and I do realize it is an unpopular opinion, however, I believe it should be put into the top 20 of all sitcoms in every conversation. In my list, I do believe that it is truly the tenth best sitcom of all time. It is more present-time based, but also brings in so many good actors and actresses.

The cast alone of the show allows them at the number nine spot. I don’t think there’s much debate putting them here.

#8. Parks and Recreation

While making this, the number 8 spot was the only one left, and Parks and Rec is definitely a top 10 sitcom, so here it is.

#7. Big Bang Theory

As I was creating this, I thought about the spot of BBT; where it should be. I knew it was top 10, but I determined it wasn’t as good as the remaining 6.

#6. The Office (U.S.)

While the first 2 seasons and last 2 seasons were rough, I still put them at number 6. It has been 8 years since the last episode, but still is one of the most watched sitcoms of today.

#5. M*A*S*H

One word: Classic.

#4. I Love Lucy

One of the first popular sitcoms… Another Classic.

#3. Friends

Seinfield and Friends were close… But I had to give the headway to Seinfield. Friends is one of the best and is still watched by tons of people to today.

#2. Seinfield

Much like Friends; still watched a lot. Slightly Better than Friends.

#1. The Simpsons

My only cartoon on my top 10 List, but nonetheless, The Best! The Simpsons stays relevant in the world and has been the past 30 years and 700+ episodes


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