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My Favorite Radio/TV Department Moments

My time at Wabash Valley College is slowly coming to a close as we finish finals week. I can't believe we are graduating with the people we spent all our time with for a whole school year. My favorite group of people from the Radio/TV Department are hard to come by and not normally talked about has much, but I have so much to say! We had some fun moments along the year worth sharing with you.

5.Typical Food runs

All of us are always hungry in the studio most of the time, so we all stop our work and look at each other and go, " Food run?" or "Do you want to go to the gas station for some snacks?" Even if it's only two or three of us, we take the chance to catch a break and talk about life with each other. It is refreshing to take a break from homework and from not having games that day.

Credit: Me!

4. Cap and Gown Time!

The sophomores received their cap and gowns on the first week of May. We wanted to take pictures with each other for the memories and to recreate an iconic photo. Cole Carter, one of our Radio/TV teachers posed with his cap and gown with his sunglasses on when he was a student at WVC. We recreated the photo with all of the sophomores making sure to smile with no teeth and point to the bag with our right hand. It was a fun memory none of us will forget.

Credit: Micah Henson

3.Drawing Ourselves a Portrait

One day, in the radio studio, we all were conversing with each other talking about TikTok ideas and our likes/dislikes when Eli Grimes started drawing a picture of Maggee Bleyer. We all thought why not draw all of us on there. So, Maggee and I drew everyone from the department with different styles of outfits along with different colors to match our personalities. We ended up showing everyone in the department and they had to guess which one was them. The turn out was hilarious and a moment that will sadly not be on the board anymore.

Credit: Me!

2. Field TRip Day!

We took a trip as a huge group to Evansville, IN to tour Townsquare Media and watch the News at Noon/meeting with the news team at 44News. We also checked out the UE Athletics production truck. We went to Walter's Golf and Fun to relax and have fun with the whole group. We enjoyed some amazing food and made memories as we went through the whole day. Overall, a good day well spent with good people.

Credit: Kyle Peach

1. The Famous TikTOk

Most of us know what the new app called TikTok is, and we made one with classmates from the department. We did the Gritty dance challenge and rated how good we did from 1 out of 10. We ended the video with the best for last was our broadcasting teacher, Kyle Peach. We actually got him to dance and join us for a TikTok! It was one of our best moments of the year because it made everyone laugh so hard. Some students from Wabash Valley College were complimenting Kyle's dancing in the comments.

Credit: Bashradio89

College is a place where we meet new people and join in on the experience of learning more about the career we are thinking about pursuing. The people are the most important part. We all helped each other along the way with everything especially when things got personal. This group this year was amazing to work beside and join in the fun. Our sophomores are sad to leave but will keep going onto bigger and better things. But, we can't forget to say how amazing our teachers have been. Kyle Peach and Cole Carter make the Radio/TV Broadcasting program the best it can be and we can't thank them enough for it. We say so long to Wabash and move on to become graduates and pursuing a career.

What was your favorite college memory? Did you have people help through your experience? Let us know down in the comments or our social media!


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