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Never-ending learning

Hello, my name is Drake Young- soon to be former student of WVC. I went into radio and broadcasting as my major, and I'd like to share some of my memories.

top memories OF WVC

During my first day, it was easy and simple. I got to know my instructors and what they do. Then came the second day, which was just as easy. I'd say, heck, the whole week was easy. Now, don't let that make you think the rest will be easy. Oh no, that's far from the truth. Let's skip a few weeks. Everything felt completely different each day. My classmates and I were always learning, and if you do not like group assignments, well, better get used to that. There's going to be a whole lot of group work.

When going into radio broadcasting, you'll find yourself going to a whole lot of games to stream, announce, or work the camera. I liked doing the camera work due to having done camera operations before coming to WVC. When I went to my first game, it was a very nice experience. Everybody was happy, and setting up the equipment was fast and easy. I got to see a good game of men's basketball at the college. Games might be here at the college, at the high school, the town next to yours, or anywhere in the southern area of Illinois, so expect a lot of traveling. But when going to all those places, you get to meet a lot of new people and possibly other broadcasters that are there, too.

The experience

With all the memories I have, I also have experience. Thanks to this experience, I will be most likely to find a job that fits in within my major. I hope to work in a news station somewhere nearby like 14 WFIE, or WEVV as a camera operator. I believe I will be able to find a job thanks to my teachers and their help for me to succeed in life. While I sometimes feel like I didn't completely apply myself, I feel like I can still grow and learn from all my work here at WVC.

The test taking

Not everyone likes taking tests, and I happen to be one of those individuals who doesn't like them. I will, however, admit they are a good way to see how far you have come to know if you learned the information you were taught. But when I took my first test, I had butterflies in my stomach. I was nervous because I was afraid that I wasn't going to remember everything I learned, and not get a good grade, and then have to be set back a few points, and then have to make up for it , but I didn't. I still got a good grade-not the grade I was hoping-but I still did well. That test made me want to go even further and do better next time so I don't get nervous whenever I take a test again. Don't expect your test to be easy when in college, so make sure to study up and go over what you learned with your teacher. Ask them questions when in class if anything they are teaching you is going to be in the upcoming test. When it comes to tests, they can be pretty hard and long especially in college, but finals are a completely different league. If you think the test you took before college was hard, well, get ready for the amount of studying you are about to do just to pass your finals. Don't let this discourage you; think of it as an obstacle to pass, and just believe in yourself Put in the work and you'll do fine.

My last words

When you think you're done with school you think you're done with learning, but you are far from the truth with that. After school, you'll find yourself learning a lot more than you'll ever believe. When out in the world, you'll find out about way more than what you study. You may find it even harder, but don't let that that discourage you. Just remember the reason why you chose to become what you are now. Don't let what you learn go to waste. Keep the mindset you had back when you got here at WVC- where you were ready to take on whatever came your way. You would go right through it. Just believe in yourself; that's what I did, and I believe it will work for you.


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