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New Albums of April 2023

Once again, It's Time For new Music.

All Time Low, Depeche Mode, Kali Uchis, Fall Out Boy, M83, and Meg Myers brought us several great tracks in month number three of the year.

What does number four have in store?

Upside Down In heaven - Crocodiles
April 7th, 2023

A blend of indie pop and noise pop, the band Crocodiles based out of San Diego, CA has released 7 studio albums, with Upside Down In Heaven to be their 8th. The band garnered much attention after releasing a track titled "Kill Joe Arpaio" which refers to the name of a former infamous sheriff and politician in Arizona known for his track record of racial profiling and misconduct during his time in law enforcement.

Credit: The New York Times - Crocodiles

The band has not released an album in four years since Love Is Here (2019). Good things come to those wait, however, and the wait ends on April 7th.

Atum: Act Three - The Smashing Pumpkins
April 21st, 2023

Not necessarily an album release, rather an addition to a much larger project that the legendary Smashing Pumpkins have been working on for the better part of six months. It's also noted the album is the final part of a trilogy that started with their album "Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness", according to an interview with Kerrang! but we won't continue too much further down the rabbit hole.

Credit: The Tennessean - The Smashing Pumpkins

"Atum: A Rock Opera In Three Parts" is a 33 track project, including 10 extra tracks that will be released once the project has been completed. Another interesting facet of this project is the timed release of each act of the "rock opera." Each act has a total of eleven tracks and is released eleven weeks following the previous act.

Lead singer Billy Corgan had this to say in his interview with Kerrang! Magazine regarding the staggered release:

There's 33 tracks, and then the box that will actually have an additional 10 songs, believe it or not, which is a related project, but a totally different style of music. But for the 33, I definitely felt that if I just dropped the music all at once people would go, ‘What the fuck? It's just too much!’ And stuff would get lost. So I think releasing it slowly is kind of an interesting way of doing it. It's something I felt good about.

Corgan would later state he ultimately wishes for the rock opera to truly be what it's intended to be, a musical, and for different guests to sing different parts. For a project of this multitude, if any group were to accomplish this, The Smashing Pumpkins would be the ones to do so.

Atum: Act Three releases on April 7th.

Dogma - Crown The Empire
April 28th, 2023

A post-hardcore, progressive rock band formed in Dallas, TX, Crown The Empire is looking to release their fifth studio album, Dogma, preceded by Sudden Sky (2019).

The band has already released the track list for the album and the title track "Dogma." Broadway World had a chance to hear the band's thoughts on the upcoming album:

"The lyrics are less wordy and lofty. It's more honest and direct," shares vocalist Andy Leo who offers a candid perspective on paranormal encounters, manic dreams, and the depths of quarantine.
"We brought back the classic elements of Crown without taking anything away from what we've done more recently," shares longtime bassist and screamer Hayden Tree on the band's new era. "The high-energy, fast-paced, hard-hitting riffs, with the band's more melodic side, mashed together into an updated sound."

The band's newest album will release on April 28th. Crown The Empire is also currently on tour supporting the band Nothing More along with Thousand Below.

89.1 The Bash is giving away tickets for their concert date in Evansville, IN at Victory Theatre on April 11th. Get in contact with us!

Other Notable Releases In April

April 14th
Metallica - 72 Seasons
Temples - Exotico

April 21st
The Heavy - Amen

April 22nd
Beach House - Become

April 28th
The Damned - Darkdelic
The National - The first two pages of Frankenstein

Are Any of these Releases on Your Radar?


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