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'Nintendo Switch Sports' Brings Back Nostalgia.

Nintendo is releasing a long-awaited sequel to one of Wii's beloved games, Wii Sports.

Remember playing the Wii on a bright Saturday morning with your siblings or even your parents? Grabbing your favorite game, Wii Sports? Before you knew it, you were getting super competitive over one sport and flipping out if you didn't win. Sitting back and laughing at this now brings back good times and happy, fun memories. My favorite memory from playing the Wii was teaching my dad how to play his fishing game and having fun learning how to connect the remote with the fishing accessory.

"My favorite memory is playing Just Dance with friends late at night during sleepovers." ~ Daelyn Wood

Now that we are older, we realize that we didn't have to worry about all of life's big challenges. We were no where near the real drama of adulting. My biggest worry? Making it through my times tables with my dad without crying or if I could watch MTV US Top 20 Countdown in the morning while my mom was getting ready for work. These were potential causes for a full-blown meltdown. But, with one familiar swish, our tears were wiped away.

Did you know that as of March 31st, 2013, 81.99 million copies of the game have been sold worldwide?

Fans will see the return of our favorite activities along with new challenges. The sports included are tennis, bowling and new sports soccer, badminton, and volleyball. We know we can't wait to get our hands on a switch controller and bowl. The bowling sport was mostly everyone's favorite. Also, Swordplay, called Chambara, is returning from the Wii Sports Resort , and golf is coming in the later update. The trailer shows a new, more stylistic version of Mii characters will be available for gamers. Speaking of Mii's, do you remember Matt?

Credit: mynintendonews

One of the famous Mii’s may be coming back!

You met Matt back in the final boss of Boxing, and you can play against him during other sports as well.

@OatmealDome on Twitter tweets: “The legend himself, Matt, may return in Switch Sports. However, I have only found his name. There is no file which describes how his Sportsmate avatar looks.” It makes fans wonder what sport he will be in this time, will it be Volleyball or Tennis as a final boss?

Credit: GameBible

Credit: knowyourmeme

"Finally some real competition...." ~John Freeland on Matt possibly making a comeback
Nintendo Switch Sports will Provide an escape from reality!

I remember coming home from school looking forward to playing my favorite Wii game. It was always my way to avoid dealing with life and having fun with video games. I wish I could turn back time and go back to those simple days. Fans can relive the old memories of this new game with friends around the country or down the street. People can make connections through the game and make friendships happen. Remember your childhood friend that happened to be your neighbor too? She is probably thinking about all the good times you all had when you went to each other's houses to play the Wii right now. Friends, and even our parents, were always the best players. People would break a sweat and throw things over a game!

"My step-mom threw her Wii remote above the TV and left a hole in wall because she got so competitive!" ~ Christian Stuessel

Credit: Nintendo

Gamers with an active Nintendo Switch Online subscription will have access to online play and have the ability to play against friends in all sports. Players will also have the option to compete against random opponents. The game will cost $39.99 -$49.99. Nintendo Switch Sports is set to release April 29, 2022.

Did you know that Wii Sports is the first Wii game to use Miis?

Will it live up to its expectations? What sport do you hope returns? Let us know down in the comment section below!


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