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Reflecting on my Favorite Wabash Valley Memories

Attending Wabash Valley College has been quite the experience. Being in the Radio/TV Program, I have been able to meet so many great and bright people. Coming to Wabash Valley was not my first choice of schools, but I have grown to love the school and what they have to offer. So many great memories have been made while calling and working so many different games and events. Here are my favorite memories while attending Wabash Valley College

5. 2022-2023 IHSA Super Sectionals (Carbondale, IL)

This was the first ‘big time’ game I was able to call at WVC. The tournament was in Carbondale, IL, and it hosted 1A and 2A Super Sectionals. I was the Play-By-Play announcer for the 1A game. It was a great game, but calling that game really made me believe that I could be a great broadcaster one day. 

4. 2022 Gibson Southern Football

One of my first days at WVC, Kyle Peach came up to me and asked if I was available every Friday. I told him I would be, and he sent me on adventure after adventure through the state of Indiana. I had never heard of Gibson Southern, but after asking around, they were very well known for their football program. Driving all of Indiana was exciting, but I am so happy that I was given the opportunity to call football games. It is something I never thought I would be able to do coming to WVC. 

3. 2023-2024 IHSA Super Sectional (Carbondale, IL) 

Coming into this Super Sectional I was very excited to get to call another big time game. However, things didn’t go as planned. I was asked to be a sideline reporter that would get interviews with both coaches and talk about the matchup before the game. After getting this experience, I figured out that I really do enjoy being in front of a camera. I also got to spend the day with some good people and just have a good time watching basketball. 

2. 2024 NJCAA Women’s National Tournament

When I first arrived on campus, the first thing I was told was to do my best to get onto women’s basketball games. Today, I am so happy that I listened. WVC Women’s basketball is dominant in Southern Illinois, having many National Tournament invites. A great buddy of mine, Zach Reynolds, and I were able to fly with the team and call NJCAA National Tournament games in Casper, Wyoming. Wyoming itself is not a fun state, but the people around me made the trip so much better. Getting to call National Tournament games was also an incredible experience and has given me the confidence that I have needed calling games. 

1.Talking to Eli everyday about Bears football.

This has nothing to do with calling games or working events. When I first met Eli, I was nervous because I thought of him as a stereotypical teacher. However, when getting to know Eli, I realized he liked the same football team I do, the Chicago Bears. Since I figured this out, every time we see each other, we talk about Bears football. Even though the Bears haven’t been good since I have been going to school here, I have gotten the opportunity to have met a great friend that I can talk about with the Chicago Bears whenever. 

I love the opportunity this program has given me the last two years. So many great memories, but even better friends have been made. I haven’t always liked going to classes or doing homework, the people here got me into the school. They have pushed me more than I have ever been pushed in my life, and I am grateful. I wouldn’t have changed anything about my time here at Wabash Valley College, and I am grateful for the potential opportunities this school has provided me. 


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