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See ya later...

(L to R) Micah Henson, Rebecca Barker, Magee Bleyer, Dawson Cochran

Around this time last year, we were saying goodbye to more than half of our program, our sophomores. I remember being so emotional when the group left. Now, unfortunately, it's our turn to leave this program and Wabash Valley College.

Looking back, my time here feels very short, and it is wild to think our time here is coming to a close. What do I have to show for it though? Well, I would like to say I have several new phrases to put on my resume, but that is not what I am worried about as I leave here. So, what am I supposed to talk about when it comes to my time here? Well, I have a few ideas.


I will preface this by saying: I am not bragging, as much as it may sound like it.

Through my time at WVC, I have had so many opportunities to pick up new skills. So many new skills, I can't remember all of them.

While I do not have any current film from talking on the radio, here is my very first time talking on 89.1 The Bash.

While not a new skill, I tapped into my creative side, creating a freelance graphic design business called MBHDesigns during my time at WVC. This allowed me to create graphics to sway recruits to come to WVC, exit commitment graphics for current athletes, make blog post pictures look real (the first picture you see in this blog is not real) and, as shown below, make people think I am an actual Division 1 football player.

The final and most important skill I picked up is the one which has solidified my dream job, On-air Broadcast. I would show you the picture from my first-ever forecast for News Channel 15, but I think you should work for a prize that large. Hint: scroll far enough on the News Channel 15 Facebook Page.


If you have heard my name in anything WVC-related, it is probably due to my mass involvement on campus. I had involvement on campus in:

Trunk or Treat (2021)
Credit: Maggee Bleyer
  • Student Senate

  • Phi Theta Kappa

  • Rotaract

  • Business Club

  • National Technical Honor Society

  • Student Tutor

Those aren't even all the clubs or positions I have worked in during my time here at Wabash Valley. I was not involved in much in High School, but once I came to WVC, it all changed. I found my group in these clubs, and I held office positions in most of them.

Credit: Fallout: New Vegas

This one is the most important. Throughout my time here, I have been a part of and understood several inside jokes made by my peers. One is a phrase from "Fallout: New Vegas," shown to the left. Now, the answer to the phrase in the game is Dean saying, "No, I want my f***ing gold." I do not agree, rather, the real treasure IS the friends we made along the way. The friends I have made here at Wabash Valley are pure gold. The experiences have been gold. The late-night studio sessions have been gold. The jokes we have made are gold. They are gold.

While I have not gone in-depth with the previous sections, these people are worth mentioning. This blog would be an eternity if I included everyone, but I do have a selection of people I would like to introduce.


Credit: Rebecca Barker

One word to describe Branton: Welcoming. Branton was one of the first ones to welcome me to the program, and I am more than appreciative of it.

Branton is currently at Southeastern Missouri State (SEMO), and he is continuing to be more successful every day. He does ESPN work for SEMO as well as so much more. As I said, he is very successful, and he deserves it all.


Credit: Colton Plummer

One of the only students I truly recruited to the program last year is Colton. Why? Well, as the first ever On-air weatherman for News Channel 15, I did not want to be the only one. So, I reached out to Colton. I had heard before this year that he knew a lot about meteorology. However, I could have told 1,000 times, and I would have been still surprised by his knowledge at the beginning of this academic year. I know Colton will be great next year and throughout the years moving forward.


Credit: Maggee Bleyer

"Dawson, Dawson, Dawson," a phrase we all found ourselves saying. I don't even know how to explain him other than off-the-wall. I am so glad he found a platform here at 89.1 The Bash. While I may not enjoy his "Bang Your Head" music, I know there is a crowd somewhere out there that does, and I am super glad for him.


Doctor Professor Mister Grimes. A man of pure class unless you don't give him his Sonic food. Eli always knows what to say or do, even when the answer from him is, "Let's go ask Kyle" (sometimes it's the best answer). Unlike all the other class of 2022 students last year, Eli missed us so much, he took a job as the Broadcast Specialist here at WVC. I can't think of anyone I would want to have the job more. (He may need to change his favorite NFL team though.)


Credit: John Freeland

John is the most caring person I met here. To this day, John still reaches out to me and checks on me regularly. It means more to me than he will ever know, unless, ya know, he reads this. John understands me EXTREMELY well, which is a high honor for how much of a wild card I can be. Wherever John goes, I know he will succeed. Why? He cares, which I find to be a very underrated and vital quality everywhere.


Credit: Kyler Gammon

"Can I get uhhhhhhh..." Great friend? Kyler was another student who helped me transition to college life. He was the first one I met on campus out of the class of 2022 group during the academic year. I remember shaking his hand on orientation day, and he had pointers for me every day. Some may say always giving pointers is just picky, but I see it as supportive. He always knew what to point out to make me the broadcaster I am today.


Credit: Rylan Robb

On the surface, it may seem Maggee and I mimic an elephant and a tick bird, helping each other to help themselves. As much as it may seem like it, we do not hate each other. We just like making fun of each other, something which may cause us to lack friends at our respective universities.

I could talk all day about the several absurd memories I have which contain Maggee, but I have decided to spare you. Truthfully, I will miss being picked on by a 5th grader every day and hope our paths can cross again by being at the same TV station someday.


Credit: Rebecca Barker

I, personally, have always been able to find the negative in any situation. It is just how my mind works. Mallory, however, knows how to stay positive. Now, it may be because she just thinks of Andrew Garfield, and she is back to positive. I will not rule it out. However, Mallory, if you are reading this, I NEED to know your secret to staying positive. Staying positive and confident are the great qualities I believe will help her down the road, as well as her 3,000 other talented qualities.


How can someone be so nice? Seriously. Rebecca is a Warrior, and I do not just mean she is a student of Wabash Valley. She is truly a warrior. She has managed to overcome so much this past year, all with a smile still on her face. Unfortunately, she will not be graduating with Maggee, Dawson, and myself, but I know she will knock it out of the park in the fall semester and join our elite group of the Class of 2023 graduates. I am super proud of her for how she has overcome everything, even when starting a semester after the rest of the class.


Credit: Mikayla Renck

Rylan was one of two students I knew fully coming into this academic year. How so? Well, he was my best friend in high school...and he still keeps the title of being one of my best friends. I do not know how, but he somehow puts up with me. It's a mystery because I know I can be REAL annoying sometimes. I had the pleasure of sharing a talk show with him this semester, and the truth is, I am his Guillermo and he is my Jimmy Kimmel. He is the main character of our friendship. He is one of the hardest workers in this program, and I hope to continue to work with him possibly next year at Western Kentucky (Check out our Talk show: The Not So Late Show).


I could go on and on about my time here at Wabash Valley. I could tell you all types of stories, but we shall save it for another day--preferably during a week when I am not so emotional.

I can't believe it is over. It hurts, honestly. However, I know, as the Wabash Valley recruiting phrase goes, "Your Future is Waiting." It is; it's waiting. It will be hard leaving, but, as last year's sophomores said, "It's not goodbye, it's a See you Later..."

Are you a Wabash Valley Alumni?

Do any of my friends remind you of yours?

What kind of whacky stories do you have of your college friends?


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