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Through My Eyes: University of Michigan

By Micah Henson

This week, my family and I took a trip up to Michigan to get away for a weekend. While traveling, we decided to take a stop in Ann Arbor at The University of Michigan as I continue my university search for after WVC. While I was not able to schedule a guided tour, I tried my best to get as close to it and get even more information with a self-guided tour. At UM, I visited the Climate/Atmospheric Sciences Department as well as the Production Department.

First off, I think to get the full day in, I should start from the near beginning, at 9:00 a.m. ET. We left a hotel in Fort Wayne, IN at 9 after getting in around 2 in the morning after driving overnight. From there, we started our trek to Ann Arbor. This took us near 2 and a half hours. Didn’t feel too long of a drive compared to the overnight drive.

Once we arrived in Ann Arbor, we dropped off one of my brothers and my Mom at a local mall since there was a limit of people from one family at the university. From there, we headed towards the university for the Atmospheric Sciences and Climates Building.

After a few troubles finding guest parking, we all got inside and met the upper faculty of the Climate Department. When I tell you that this Department is one of the best in the country, I mean it! It may even be an understatement! I had a great conversation with this group and never did I sense them trying to “sell” me on coming to Michigan. They even talked about other programs across the nation to think of, which not only made me feel like they are great people and a great program, but that they care for me, a guy they had just met. Not only that, but they took time before our meeting to watch a few of my forecasts!

After that great meeting and interaction, I was so ready for what was ahead, which was the production department. I was ready to hear all about their broadcasts and how they have used their great Meteorologists for their WOLV-TV station. But, unfortunately I didn’t get to hear much about that. All I got was an “I don’t know, figure it out yourself” mentality. She told me that it was a club and not a part of a class and that was it. It was unfortunate, but it was not all bad, because my brother is planning on going and majoring in graphic design somewhere in a couple of years. I do believe he got more out of this conversation than me.

Since we were on a time constraint, we did have to get out of town soon. We had one more stop. We went to the Student union on campus. While walking there, my mind was still stuck on questions I could’ve asked that may have gotten me some answers that I needed. However, that was not all that was going on. Michigan had a game the next day. So, as you could guess, it was wild on the sidewalks and streets. As a guy that went to a small high school, and now a small community college, this overwhelmed me. We eventually got into the union, walked around for a good 15 minutes, then got out. All I could say about the union is that it’s okay. I didn’t know what to expect so, it is what it is.

Before we started our way to pick up the rest of the family and get on down the road, we had to make a drive past “The Big House”, Michigan Stadium. IT IS HUGE! It was crazy! But, it was also the mark that the tour was over.

It was a great tour, and I would totally try another tour, maybe guided this time! It is very much on my list solely off that fact of my interaction with the faculty in the Climate Department.


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