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Today At The Hit Alternative

New spaces are taking The Bash to new places.

Today's Hit Alternative is back and in full-swing this semester at Wabash Valley College. As is with every year at 89.1, DJ's graduate and are replaced with incoming freshman talent along with returning sophomores. Yet this year feels a little different. Here's what the talent is switching up:

The Bash has slated multiple new radio shows, as well as a morning show/air-shift to give the station a true schedule. Week in and week out, 89.1 will stick to this schedule to make the alternative experience the best it can possibly be for our our listeners. New on-air talent also helps refresh the audience as well.

This is what you can look forward to hearing throughout the year:

Hosted by sophomores Maggee Bleyer and Micah Henson, Underground Sound explores the underground Indie scene from across the United States and shines a spotlight on those respective artists through social media. Many of these artists have small followings, so Maggee and Micah's goal is to expose their music to a widespread audience while also helping said audience to discover new music.

Maggee Bleyer had this to say about her new show on The Bash:

"'Underground Sound' is my way of expressing my favorite genre of music, the underground Indie scene, to a large listening audience. I want to get you into Indie music and start listening to these cool small artists! Tune in 4-6 P.M. (C.T.) every Tuesday to hear the latest news in the Indie scene, learn about artists you may not have heard, and listen to the coolest Indie music."

The show has been a great success and more importantly, both hosts have grown in their abilities and confidence behind a microphone. Today's Hit Alternative, as of late, has somewhat transitioned from the heavier sound it once predominantly possessed to a mixture of Alternative Rock and Indie Rock. There is now much more crossover from sub-genres. However, we didn't want to completely abandon the heavier stuff. Enter Dawson (Sandman) Cochran. Pun entirely intended.

Dawson Cochran isn't shy about his love for heavy metal - and he shouldn't be. On Thursdays from 5-7 PM, he takes to the air waves to deliver you the heaviest of metal ranging from Slipknot to Anthrax and plenty of other metal bands. Facts, History, and an understanding of the voices behind the heavy metal you'll hear are all well within Dawson's wheelhouse.

"I wanted to do something a little different for the station." said Cochran. "What I'm doing is basically if MTV's Headbangers Ball were a radio show."

For those who prefer the side of rock with some bite to it, Dawson knows the genre like the back of his hand.

Q: We've established new radio shows, but what else are we planning on?

A: The sky is the limit.

Honestly. We have so much room to be creative here at The Bash. A daily morning presence has now been established from 6-10 AM, and our DJ's are delivering Today's Hit Alternative in the best way they can and improving every day.

Some of our other programming includes:

The Adam & Dustin Show - Tuesdays from 6-7 PM

The Nick Hart Show - Tuesdays from 7-8 PM (Also online at

Gibson Southern HS Football - Friday Nights w/ Tyce Gorden & Austin Harrelson

Saturday Night Drive - Saturdays at 7 PM w/ Nick Lockhart

The Bash Is Back!


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