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Top 5 Hard Rock & Metal Albums Dropping This Month

Credit: Gear Patrol

"New month, new albums." That’s the common saying, right? No? Oh, well, ok ,then.

On a serious note, there are plenty of albums, especially those of the hard rock or metal persuasion, releasing this month. So, if you are into either of those genres and you want to find out more about new releases this month, you have found the right blog So, without further ado, here are the Top 5 metal albums dropping this month.

1.Overkill – Scorched

Credit: Wikipedia

drop date: 4.14

Overkill is a thrash metal band with some groove and doom metal elements. Their upcoming album, Scorched, is their twentieth album to date. So far, only two singles have been released from Scorched: “The Surgeon” dropped on January 27 and “Wicked Place” dropped on March 14. Overkill vocalist Bobby ‘Blitz’ Ellsworth has said that this album will have a variety of sounds as opposed to being a straightforward thrash record.

"But there is huge reinvention over these decades. Songs such as "Scorched" or the second single, "Wicked Place," which is a blues ride. This is not necessarily something that we've been allergic to. It's been in our DNA back to [The Years of Decay track] "Skullkrusher." - Bobby 'Blitz' Ellsworth

2. L.A. Guns – Black Diamonds

Credit: Amazon Music

Drop Date: 4.14

L.A. Guns are back in action with their soon to drop 14th album, Black Diamonds. Black Diamonds is produced by L.A. Guns guitarist, Tracii Guns. The new release is expected to have that 80's hard rock sound that they’re known for as well as some 70's classic rock influences. Singles that have been released include "Diamonds," "You Betray," and "Shattered Glass."

3. L.a. guns - black diamonds

Drop Date: 4.28

Young and fresh thrashers, Enforced, are set to drop their 3rd studio album, War Remains. So far, the only two singles released from this album are "Ultra-Violence," released on January 27 and "Hanged by my Hand," released on February 28. Enforced was formed in 2016 and dropped their last two albums in 2021 and 2019.

4. Crown The Empire - Dogma

Credit: Apple Music

Drop Date: 4.28

Post-hardcore/metalcore group Crown The Empire are set to drop their newest release, Dogma, later this month. Bassist and co-lead vocalist, Hayden Tree, hinted at what to expect with the upcoming album.

"We brought back some of the elements of Crown without taking anything away from what we've done recently. The high-energy, fast-paced, hard-hitting riffs, with the bands more melodic side. mashed together into an updated sound." - Hayden Tree

Lead vocalist Andy Leo had this to say about the lyrics on the album:

"The lyrics are less wordy and lofty. It’s more honest and direct," _ Andy Leo

Only four singles have been released from the album so far: "Immortalize," " In Another Life," "Dancing With The Dead," and "Dogma."

5. Hawkwind - The Future Never Waits

Drop date: 4.28

Space-rockers, Hawkwind, will be coming out with their 35th album, The Future Never Waits. According to Hawkwind's Bandcamp, the opening title track will be "a ten minute instrumental led space-age march." Following the opening track will be a guitar-driven tune called "The End," which will feature guitarist and vocalist David Brock's familiar vocals and chugging riffs. So far, only one single has been released. The single is an eight and a half minute track title "Rama (The Prophecy)." Hawkwind is most known for being the former band of late Motörhead frontman, Lemmy Kilmister.

Which of these albums are you most pumped for?

Let us know in the comments below.

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