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Twenty One Pilots Doesn't 'Shy Away' With Their Latest Single.

Twenty One Pilots | Ashley Osborn

"Shy Away", the band's latest single is only the beginning of the latest era of Twenty One Pilots. Scaled and Icy will be the sixth studio album for TOP, and fans are excited about its upcoming release.

"Shy Away" is a nostalgic track for long-time fans of the band. The song goes back to some of the band's roots more commonly seen in previous albums such as Vessel or Blurryface.

Some fans and reviewers criticized the band's latest album, Trench, as they felt like the band was trying too hard to release tracks they knew would be popular.

Now with "Shy Away", fans hope that Scaled and Icy will be more in line with some of the previous albums.

Thomas Bleach from praised "Shy Away" for its throwback sound.

"Returning to the pop-rock sound that filtered through their record ‘Vessel’, this track feels quite nostalgic for the band. It’s a return to their roots with guitar, drums and pop beats fused together, and hears them not overthinking the production like they did on ‘Trench’ which gained mixed reviews. It’s not necessarily predictable, but its more commercially palatable and has that immediate anthemic punchiness that ‘Vessel’ and ‘Blurryface’ effortlessly embodied."

This latest album was especially interesting for the band considering the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Josh Dun had the following to say about working on the album:

“It really is me and Tyler working on this,” Josh says. ​“I think it probably takes longer than some artists coming out with albums because we don’t have other people really helping us. And, also, logistically, we’re in different places. We both have our own studios, which is really nice, so he comes up with a lot of stuff at his studio, sends it over to me, and then I come up with some stuff here at my studio and then send it back.”

Scaled and Icy Tracklist

Shy Away © Fueled by Ramen

1. "Good Day"

2. "Choker"

3. "Shy Away"

4. "The Outside"

5. "Saturday"

6. "Never Take It"

7. "Mulberry Street"

8. "Formidable"

9. "Bounce Man"

10. "No Chances"

11. "Redecorate"

It is unknown if there will be any more singles released for Scaled and Icy or if "Shy Away" will be a solo single for the album.

Scaled and Icy is set to release both physically and digitally on May 21st, 2021.

Are you looking forward to the new TOP release? Let us know in the comments below. Also, be sure to follow 89.1 The Bash on social media for news and updates regarding today's hit alternative.


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