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Underground Sound 1.17.23

Every Tuesday from 4-6 P.M.

This Week's Playlist

Unknown Caller - Borderline

Losing myself to you - Arbor

Outside With The Cuties - Frankie Cosmos

Computer Talk - Austenyo

No choice - Tame Impala

Peach trees - Ax and the Hatchetmen

Heart to Heart - Mac DeMarco

Buttercup - hippo Campus

Crime - Chek

Futon - ULA

Casimir Pulaski Day - Sufjan Stevens

Rhinestone eyes - Gorillaz

Spit Of You - Sam Fender

Who is She? - I Monster

Head In The Clouds - Baby Jake

Money - The Drums

Marlboro Nights - Lonely God

Days Go By - Men I Trust

Steeeam - Shelly

Hot Sugar - Glass Animals

The Bug Collector - Haley Heynderickx

Structure - Odd Sweetheart

Sugar - Zane Kemper

In The Bosom - Sweet After Tears

Notion - The rare Occasions

Flake - Toledo

Treehouse - Alex G, Emily Yacina

Sunny Day - Beabadoobee

Frog - Cavetown

Porta 4000 - Arlo Parks

Social Disco Dancing - Moondough

Maple Syrup - The Backseat Lovers

What did you think of the playlist This Week?

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