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Underground Sound 4.11.23

Every Tuesday from 4-6 P.M.

This Week's Playlist

Tulips At My Bedside - central heat Exchange, Living Hour

Sweet Basil - Strawberry Launch

Younger and Dumber - Indigo De Souza

Lemon Boy - Cavetown

The People Who Raised Me - Gregory And The Hawk

Boyish - Japanese Breakfast

Tailwhip - Men I trust

Eraser - Ricky montgomery

Salivate - Sir Chloe

Cherry Wine - Grentperez

Prom Dress - MxmToon

Futon - ULA

Softly - Clairo

Misfits - The Valla

Chicago - Sufjan Stevens

My Babe - Spoon

Moth Meme - Whose Rules, Selmer

Knock Me Off My Feet - SOAK

The Bug Collector - Haley Heynderickx

Only Wanna Dance - Almost Monday

Swing Lynn - Harmless

Hard TO Believe - Wallows

Sad - Alexander 23

(you) On My Arm - Leith Ross

Out Of my Mind - Little image

Wake Up - Kowloon

Automatic Stop - The Strokes

Home - Cavetown

DontMakeMeFallInLove - CUCO

Cooks - Still Woozy

Satellite - Will Paquin

Mystery - Ralph castelli

Moonlight - Kali Uchis


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