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You” The Netflix Show drops Season 3 on October 15th

By Mallory Burton

You” is back with its third season; it’s twisting expectations yet again. The first two seasons of Greg Berlanti and Sera Gamble’s thriller/rom-com followed similar beats: fake nice guy Joe (Penn Badgley) finds a girl, falls in love, and relentlessly stalks her while murdering anyone who gets in his way. But this time around, Joe has met his match thanks to his new, equally kill-happy wife, Love (Victoria Pedretti).

Instead of another stalker story, “You” Season 3 is like a twisted guide to marital problems. While Joe and Love try to figure out their new lives with a baby in the suburbs, they also engage in an endless battle of shifting alliances, cover ups, and surprise murder. It’s a twisted season that proves this Netflix drama still has a serious edge.

Season 3 smartly plays with the highs and lows of their relationship, pushing he moments when Joe and Love are on the same page to their most sinister limits. Conversely, when they’re on opposite sides, their lives are literally on the line as they both try to handle a murderous spouse.


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