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Mother Nature Weighs in on MLB Hall of Fame

By Micah Henson

As you get to know me, you will realize I am bizarre sometimes. Sometimes, I go on crazy talking and typing sprees with no ends or really any reason. It’s okay, I am not going crazy, at least I think do not think I am...

Alright, so there are 2 tropical storms in the Atlantic right now. One has been put down with the name Peter and the other named Rose. Sounds familiar right? Well, maybe this will ring a bell. Cincinatti Reds Legend? Most MLB career hits? Rookie of the year? 3-time World Series Champion? An MVP Award winner? 2-time Gold Glove winner? 17-time All-Star? Got it now? Yeah! I am talking about Peter Edward Rose, most commonly known as Pete Rose. Excuse me, I need to rephrase. Non-MLB Hall of Fame Inductee Pete Rose. Why with those accolades is he not in the HOF? He is deemed a cheater, a rule breaker.

So, now that we have an overview of the situation, let’s get an explanation in. First off with how these names come about; why these names ended up (at least scientifically) running beside each other with their names corresponding. In 1953, NOAA hurricane center started naming their storms with male names. By 1979, they started using both male and female names and decided to alternate the names back and forth, hence why we have one male and one female name in this situation.

Okay. But why is Pete Rose not allowed to be in the HOF? What did he do? Well, he bet money on his team to win. Betting is frowned upon in the MLB. However, personally I believe that he should be put into the Hall of Fame because he did not do what the 1919 “Black Sox” did by throwing the World Series in a try to win money through betting. I believe that mother nature and the Hurricane Center believes the same thing I do (Yes, this is where I become a little off-the-wall).

While yes, this all is totally a coincidence, I like to act as though mother nature and the NOAA Hurricane Center is weighing in on the debate surrounding Pete Rose.

So, we know that the names are named kind of randomly. Right? So, what if mother nature is a disembodied person that would like to just play tricks on the committee in Cooperstown? She’s just sitting in her chair up in the sky, watching her favorite team, the Cincinatti Reds. She comes to the conclusion that, well this season, they are sitting right above .500, they are 4 and a half games behind the wild card position, so why not help her team out and bring back the topic of Pete Rose in the Hall of Fame? It would bring up morale in the clubhouse, given that Rose is a Reds Legend. Not only that, but she is still salty about him not being in the HOF. So, she forms a tropical storm in the Atlantic. She knows that the Hurricane Center has the name Peter ready. However, a few days pass and no one in Cooperstown, much less America hears about it. She decides to put another storm in the Atlantic, not one that has a possibility of hitting Cooperstown, but one that finishes the name Peter Rose. It’s now in their minds. People in America have heard about it now. Now, she starts moving the tropical storm up the east coast, not making landfall, but one left turn away it will. It’s a threat. Mother Nature is threatening to make a tropical storm make landfall in New York State if they don't start thinking about removing Pete Rose’s ban.

I guess we will see how it plays out in the coming days, maybe we will see “Peter Edward Rose to be inducted into the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame” posted out of the Blue soon, with no voting necessary. Rose will get up there for his speech. He will not thank his mom, dad, siblings. No! He will Thank Mother Nature because that is what she deserves!

I am so sorry. I hope you learned nothing from this blog. If you did, that means you paid too much attention to it and I apologize for making you lose brain cells. However, after writing this, I think every month or two I will try to release at least one wacky blog. It shows part of who I am, and I like that.


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