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Terry Bradshaw: a football life

When asked who the greatest quarterback of all time is, many would say Tom Brady. Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time to play in the NFL. He has broken the record for the most Super Bowl wins of any quarterback in history with 7 Super Bowl championship rings. But before there was Tom Brady, there was Terry Bradshaw.

Terry Bradshaw is a former professional football player for the Pittsburgh Steelers, in the National Football League. He is a four time Super Bowl champion and two time Super Bowl MVP. Since 1994, he has been a television sports analyst and co-host on FOX NFL Sunday.

Terry Paxton Bradshaw was born on September 2nd, 1948, in Shreveport, Louisiana. He attended high school at Woodlawn in Shreveport. He then went to play football at Louisiana Tech University in Ruston.

In the first round pick of the 1970 draft, Bradshaw was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers, who at the time, had not won a playoff game in their history. Bradshaw's early years in Pittsburgh were rough. He did not play well at quarterback and was always booed off the field. Steelers head coach Chuck Noll was always chewing out Bradshaw for his mistakes. Chuck Noll and Terry Bradshaw have always had a complicated relationship, and it never was resolved. Chuck Noll was always a private and emotionless person. Noll and Bradshaw had very different personalities; Bradshaw was always happy and cheerful, and Noll was always strictly business.

On December 23rd, 1972, the Steelers hosted the Oakland Raiders in the divisional playoffs. With little time in the ball game and a 6-7 Raiders' lead, Bradshaw had to put it in the air. This play would be known as "The Immaculate Reception". Bradshaw threw it in the air, but it was knocked out of the receiver's hands and bounced on the Steelers running back Franco Harris. Harris ran it for a touchdown that won the game 13-7. From that point on, the city of Pittsburgh would never be the same again.

In the 1974 and 1975 NFL seasons, The Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Oakland Raiders in the NFC championships. They then went on to win their first two Super Bowl titles in Super Bowl 9 against the Minnesota Vikings and Super Bowl 10 where they beat the Dallas Cowboys.

Terry Bradshaw's greatest season was in 1978. He was named the Player of the Super Bowl in Super Bowl 13 against the Cowboys. This game had higher stakes than the last time these two teams met. The winner of this game would be the first team ever to win three Super Bowl titles. The Steelers won the game 35-31, and Bradshaw was named Super Bowl MVP. One year later, The Steelers made history winning their fourth Super Bowl title. The Steelers beat the Los Angeles Rams 19-31.

Terry Bradshaw retired from football in 1983. He left a great legacy in the game of football. From being a four-time World Champion and sports analyst, he has truly made a name for himself. He is a legend although he started out an underdog. Many fans didn't have high expectations, but he became one of the best to play the game and proved everyone wrong. He is always enjoyable to watch on Fox Sunday with all of his funny shenanigans, his smile, and his laughs. Terry Bradshaw is one of the most popular Fox Sports personalities.

Even though he doesn't have as many Super Bowl rings as Tom Brady, he was the original superstar QB wearing the number 12 jersey and setting Super Bowl records. Bradshaw has a very bright and colorful personality. His humor and big smile can really make a good impression on people. Terry Bradshaw will always be known as one of the greats quarterbacks off all time!


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